Monica Dogra on her ?The Stage? look


By Papri Das

Admirers of Indie music queen Monica Dogra, who have complaints with her newfound mainstream role as a reality television show judge, should be happy to know that she has no plans of giving up her ?do what your heart says? attitude, that so many independent artists resonate with.

Her appearance at the launch of Colors Infinity?s magnum opus reality show The Stage as one of the judges clearly reflects that thought. Right from her oversized gingham jacket cape designed by one of her patron labels Urvashi Joneja, her white Christian Louboutin stilettos to her yellow Alexander Wang shorts -- Dogra?s unique ensemble spoke for her undaunted spirit that is unafraid to tread on unchartered territories. 

While her flair for fashion has enamoured several fashionistas in the country, Dogra feels she is a ?dress down kind of a girl.? ?I am not a gown sequin lover? even when I have to dress up, my style today is what I usually go with,? says the leggy lass, who takes half the credit for assembling her look for the day along with Neha Bhogal and Sahdev Hooda.

Apart from this, Dogra also carried off her long sleek hair in a straight back brushed style courtesy Avni Rambia, who also did her make up.

Given her carefree yet stylish fashion statement, we couldn?t help but ask if she considers herself a fashionista. ?I approach art from every arena, including fashion or presentation as I would rather put it. I present myself in a way that helps me convey who I am. It changes, and I do experiment,? comes her quick response. She further explains how her love for music is deeply connected with her need to express herself through every means available. ?Lights, stage, costume, hair, video and dance -- all of that is as important to me as singing, music and voice,? she asserts.

For her look on The Stage, which goes on air on Colors Infinity from 10 October, Dogra has worked closely with Hooda. Her hair and makeup was done by her good friend Elton J Fernandez who also happens to be the face of Maybelline India.

?I am friends with a lot of filmmakers, artists and stylists. So we definitely collaborated throughout the show. It is exciting to be on mainstream media. I didn't take my look on screen lightly. I wore designers who support me and I support them back,? says Dogra before preparing us for some of the experiments she pulled off on screen. ?I have experimented my looks with ball gowns, Mohawks and weird jewellery. For me it just another method of self expression.?

Though the show is yet to go on air, Dogra is confident that she has been able to create a mark of her own fashion statement through her get ups. She already has a following for her on stage image -- be it dressing like her to copying her signature three dot tattoos on her face. ?It is an amazing feeling when I see a young artist expanding their vision through not just music but all other senses. It?s an expression of how people are not afraid to be who they are. Women are especially confident enough to have a voice and stick out in a way that isn't objectifying and still maintain their sensuality. That includes intelligence and self expression,? explains Dogra.

As a judge, viewers can expect Dogra to keep a keen eye on the contestant?s stage presence and their presentation along with their singing. ?Human beings are born to be different. We all have our own unique thumb print and and DNA and the same goes for fashion and personal style.What suits my body and my taste, may not necessarily suit you. So I won't have a set standard on which I will judge all the contestants. I have mostly gone with my instincts and tried to feel what makes them shine, and tried to guide them to achieve that potential in my own way,? Dogra signs off.

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