?The key to success is to live in the present:? Dr. Subhash Chandra


The 4th Indian International Model United Nations saw Essel Group and Zee chairman Dr. Subhash Chandra address over 3000 student hailing from 30 different nations as part of a mega episode for Dr. Subhash Chandra Show.

Dr. Chandra took the audience by awe as he strongly pointed out ?There is no shortcut to success.? ?All of us want to become capable enough to give back to society. To do that, we need to work with passion, purity and patience. Purity, for me, is living in the present. If we do this, our actions are dynamic and we get a positive reaction. Often, when we are working, our minds are distracted by either the past or the future, with the result that the action at that moment is neither pure nor dynamic. Hence, the first key to success is to live in the present,? he said.

Elaborating on the topic, Dr. Chandra said, ?Sometimes, in our lives, despite our best efforts, we meet with failure. However, failure is a part of success. We feel failure only when we accept it and make it a part of our lives. At times, we need to realize that certain things are not going to be successful and just move on with our lives. Failure, in fact, teaches us more than success.?

A self-made man, Dr. Chandra has consistently demonstrated his ability to identify new businesses and lead them on the path to success. From trading goods, setting up a packaging industry to opening up theme parks and multiplexes, and creating India?s largest and most profitable TV media group, Dr. Chandra has travelled a long way. It was Dr. Chandra's vision that helped give birth to the satellite TV industry in India with the launch of Zee TV in 1992.

Hinting upon the subjectivity involved with the concept of ?success,? Dr. Chandra further observed from the lives of successful individuals that there are certain qualities like happiness, dedication, alertness alertness, positivity, honesty and humility that we all possess. ?When these important qualities work together, they make the person successful in every sphere of life,? he said.

Dr. Subhash Chandra (DSC) Show is aired every week on Saturday at 10 pm on Zee News and 7 pm on Zee Business and on Sundays at 11 am on both Zee News & Zee Business. This show is also aired on other channels of Zee Media Corporation Limited.

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