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Money can?t buy you happiness but it can surely buy the means to keep you happy. And for those with an eclectic taste in lifestyle, happiness often means being able to indulge in their passions. From antique collections, luxury rides, limited editions ranges, to auctions that the world have their eyes on, Exec Lifestyle gives you a sneak peek into the uber lifestyle.

This week, we bring you luxury accessories inspired by macabre, new eye shadow from Giorgio Armani, and new luxurious way to camp.

Bagging the skulls:

Just when you were getting bored of the all too familiar cuts, texture and prints in luxury accessory designs and thought there wasn?t a single variation you haven't tried, trust Delhi based designer Manish Arora to come up with something new. And this time, it?s skulls! For his new FW15 collection at Paris Fashion Week, this edgy designer has come up with what could be called a treasure trove for all bold fashionistas -- 3D skull bags that adorn embellished and bejewelled headgear laced with roses, spikes, lace and even the Indian maang tika and nathani. Colours include brilliant pink, gold, aristocratic mustard, royal purple, and amber that not only contrasts the skull?s imagery but also lets you play around with your different outfits. Prices start from a whopping Rs 50,000.

Liquid shadow:

Makeup junkies across the globe have a reason to do three cheers, as Giorgio Armani has come up with a rare and exciting range of eye shadow. The brand offers a whole new way to add colour to your eyes with their one of a kind liquid eye shadow formula called the Eye Tint. Blended in a special fluid this eye colour is rich in texture, has hints of shimmer that gives translucent or opaque finish to the eyes as per your choice.

What makes this eye shadow so special? When applied, the liquid evaporates from the skin leaving you with a silky smooth look -- a technology that is inspired by Armani?s own patented formula of Maestro Fusion Makeup. Available online on Giorgio Armani site, each of these liquid eye shadows are priced at approximately Rs 2500.

Pump up the volume:

Those who have an ear for fine sound quality, can never settle for mediocre sound systems and often find themselves upgrading from better to the next best. Those looking out to get a replacement for their car?s sound system, can amp up their SUVs with the Rogue Acoustics Audio System -- of course, if you have the money to afford it as this machine comes at a jaw dropping price of $72,000 to start with and goes to over $330,000.

No wonder it?s claimed as the most expensive luxury sound systems one can get for their car. Also known as RA:1k, this ?Made In Australia? sound system features digital signal processing, high efficiency drivers and most highly developed amplifiers. Most remarkable characteristic of the system is that you may modify almost each and everything, including Titanium amplifier housings and jewel encrusted logos or designs, using Rogue Acoustics' in-house design service for alteration according to your preferences as well as the constraints of the vehicle.

Camp in luxury:

There are executives who love their materialistic indulgences and can?t live without the comfort of luxury goods. On the other hand, some prefer to spend big moolah on experiencing nature in its unrefined form. And then there are those who seek the most of both worlds. To cater to them, French lifestyle designer Pierre Stephane Dumas has innovated a series of luxury tents called Bubble Tree, that lends one to a fun filled camping experience, not without the touch of luxury. The inflatable bubble tents come in built with wardrobes, sofas and electric lights for a comfortable stay. The series also features CristalBubble, a completely transparent tent for the exhibitionists, while ?Cocooning? is the version for those who seek privacy. Designer Pierre Stephane Dumas explained the concept behind his creations saying, ?A normal tent or camper van means people miss out on these things. So I designed this eccentric shelter with the aim of offering an unusual experience under the stars while keeping all the comfort of a bedroom suite.?

If you want to experience this ultra luxurious camping experience, who have to shell out around $11,914.

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