India?s 10 tech start-ups to keep an eye on

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India's start-up scene in technology has seen a massive boom over the last few years, with the much needed funding rush last year. While well known brands like Zomato, Practo and Flipkart continue to rule the brand game, there are a number of unique tech start-ups that you must keep an eye on.

Here?s a list compiled by Exec Lifestyle:

1. BugClipper:  BugClipper is an in-app tool designed to make reporting bugs very simple, smarter and more efficient. By using this tool, one can reduce miscommunication and spend time on fixing issues. Currently, it is available for iOS with over 650 installations.

2. Hipcask: Hipcask is India's first and only wine & spirits smart phone app. It is a consumer platform to discover and learn more about wines & spirits. A knowledge repository of both Indian and international wines & spirits, Hipcask is a focused mobile application to discover and learn more about wines & spirits. As of now, they have up to wine and food suggestions in over 50 restaurants across Mumbai and Delhi. They are also targeting Singapore and Dubai in the coming months. Hipcask aims to capture the $258 billion Asia Pacific alcoholic beverages market.

3. LivingTree: LivingTree is a hierarchical and contextual social network that aims to harness the best technology in order to enable schools, districts, communities, and families to truly partner in developing children. It emulates the natural organisation that exists in a K-12 educational system and connects people who raise, develop and educate children. It has 800 school communities on board and is targeting 10,000 institutions by the end of 2015.

4. LogiNext: LogiNext is a real time tracking platform with high tech data visualisation for the logistics industry. LogiNext aims to help logistics companies improve their day-to-day operations, provide superior customer service and optimise their delivery networks. They promise to give 15 per cent reduction in delivery time for each time.

5. Mocept: Mocept is a video dictionary and builds education videos for mobile and tablets. The video dictionary is available on all major mobile platforms. The app makes use of animated videos and actual conversations to explain the meaning, context and usage of words. So far, the video dictionary covers 20,000 words and 105,000 videos have been watched. Additionally, the Illustrate Video Platform (IVP) is also an innovative, scalable video platform that has been developed by Mocept. It makes it possible to create HD videos that stream at less than 2MB per minute. This ability to stream high quality videos without consuming too much data makes videos ideal for smart-phones and tablets.

6. Outsy: Outsy is a discovery platform for local events. It is the easiest platform to discover the most interesting and fun things trending in the city. One can use Outsy to find out about the kinds of events happening in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore and Singapore. You can choose from a range of activities that include food & drinks, music & nightlife, shows & entertainment, classes & exhibits and fitness & outdoors. Outsy provides a handpicked list of going out experiences in a timely and visually appealing manner. The app has more than 5,000 downloads on Android. The company is focusing on Android, iOS and the mobile web.

7. Papertrell: Papertrell creates award winning digital book applications for publishers and authors around the world. So far, there are 15 publishers in the portfolio including HarperCollins and Hachette. It has more than 400 published applications. Papertrell presents a new way of experiencing books and content. It has worked with publishers and authors to release book apps for Apple iOS devices, Google Android devices, Microsoft Windows devices and for the web.

8. PickYourTrail:  PickYourTrail is a trip planning start-up that helps you ideate, plan & book experiential international vacations. It helps to craft experiential vacations and personalised holidays across 30 countries and 24 Indian states based on the consumer?s desires. Currently, they have approximately 175 customers from 10 countries. The company claims to have clocked revenues of over Rs 1 crore in six months.

9. Roomys: A consumer product that helps you to find roommates in any city based on your preferences. Roomys helps you find roommates in a city for a permanent, long-term or temporary, short-term stay. You can browse through profiles of various people and their interests who are looking to share a place or offering a place. Till date, there are 2000 users and 600 successful connections have been made so far.

10. Kryptos: Kryptos Mobile is a mobile app technology company, which provides high-end mobile apps to the schools and colleges along with a self-service mobile app creation platform called Kryptos AppMaker. More than 100 universities, schools and colleges across United States, Canada and Australia use Kryptos Mobile as their official app to provide information related to student grades, holds, courses, account summary etc. on the go. So far, the application has over 80 clients with 1.5 million students being active on the application. Kryptos AppMaker allows individuals and organisations to create cross-platform apps without writing any software code. It is a cloud-based, self-serviced, cross-platform mobile app creation platform.

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