Life lessons from the top


They are successful and intelligent individuals with characteristic traits and rituals. Not only do they have the passion and drive to achieve what they want in life but also certain belief systems, which distinguish them from ordinary mortals. 

Whether it is waking up early or eating right, industry leaders share their unique life mantras that have helped them progress in the course of their individual journeys.    

?When my wife and I first came to our own house in Bangalore after marriage, an old couple told us that life is not about being 50-50; it is about knowing when to be 80-20 and when to be 70-30,? stated SapientNitro chief creative officer K V Sridhar.

Sridhar, who is fondly known as Pops by one and all, says that this mantra helped him in his personal and professional life. ?I have understood the value of relationships and this has helped in partnership dealings with clients,? he said.

Many industry leaders also try to spend enough quality time with family. Whether it?s over a meal or watching a movie together after working hours, they make it a point to prioritize and set aside time for people who matter in their lives. Top professionals also recognize that gradual preparations and planning will provide directions to their ultimate goal.

?To be successful, it requires one to be focused with great persistence on your goals. One needs to prioritize time, plan things and keep a disciplined lifestyle?, said the co-founder of indie musician service provider, Chinmayee Tripathi.

However, that should not deter one from taking risks.

?It is important to make mistakes. If you never make a mistake, you will never have the ability to take a risk and taking risks is an important aspect in the corporate world. I have made a couple of mistakes and I think some of them were good mistakes,? opined HBO managing director Monica Tata.

PING Network co-founder and director Rajeshree Naik throws light on the importance of mid-career education and how it really stimulates one?s thinking and opens the windows of the mind to new opportunities. ?One piece of advice I give to a lot of people who are in a mid-career crisis would be to go back to school and study. You have no idea the kind of stimulation it will provide you,? she asserted.

Top executives of many a corporation make it a point to meditate daily. One cannot deny the benefits of meditation, which include reducing stress levels and improving physical health. ?I meditate everyday, which is what keeps me focused,? shares Christian Dior Couture India, vice-president, marketing and communications Kalyani Chawla.

With rigorous schedules and heavy responsibilities at work, many of these successful professionals often draw strength and inspiration when they are living life to the fullest.

Chawla shared, ?Live for the present and try to make the best of it. The future is unpredictable but we have to be prepared. That is key.?

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