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Exec Lifestyle?s Weekend Watch recommends and previews television shows, films and live events that you simply cannot miss! Check out our recommendations for this weekend (17 to 19 July).

Live Act:

If Shakespeare?s Macbeth was a blood curling tragedy that leaves you in the depths of despair, it?s comic adaption has sent the entire world roaring with laughter. This twisted adaptation of this classic, The Tragedy of Madbeth is a comedy play about one man, one crown and one throne. Beth and his imaginary friend Banquo meets three witches and from there on, Beth tries to live up to certain prophesy and both of these characters narrate a murderous tale.A physical comedy inspired from the classic of Shakespeare, this performance has mime, acrobatics, improvisations, songs and a lot of humour. This play has been staged at various venues across the globe. So drop by Canvas Laughter Club on 18 July at 6 pm and check out this never before seen adaptation of Macbeth

About Town:

End your weekend on a relaxing note by enjoying some smooth tunes and fresh beats this Sunday, 6 pm at Boveda's Beat Salad featuring Saral, Burudu and Mirvair Nath. Nakul and Sahil began working together in 2012 under the name Burudu. It was incited by the idea of fusing what inspires them, and combining their different approaches to music. While in London the two began pushing their music through local independent labels, and since then Burudu has released several tracks across different labels.

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