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Money can?t buy you happiness but it can surely buy the means to keep you happy. And for those with an eclectic taste in lifestyle, happiness often means being able to indulge in their passions. From antique collections, luxury rides, limited editions ranges, to auctions that the world have their eyes on, Exec Lifestyle gives you a sneak peek into the uber lifestyle. 

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The royal fragrance indeed

The title of the most expensive perfume in the world has been given to British designer Clive Christian?s Imperial Majesty. The 16.9-ounce perfume bottle is made up of a material that is very difficult to work with and artists would often end up breaking it during the production process. 

The neck of the bottle is fashioned after the coronation tiara of the British queen and is made of 18-carat gold inset with five-carat finely cut diamonds. This collar can be customised by engraving the owner?s name on it. The content consists of essences from rare and exquisite items like rose oil, orris root, jasmine from India, Italian cinnamon rose, whose single drop requires 170 blossoms! 

Only five bottles are made annually at a price of approximately $215,000 each.  

Redefining technology

3D technology has creating quite a stir. Not just visual media, but in all spheres of technology, 3D is becoming an intricate part. Complying with it is the Logitech 3D Laser Mouse. It enables users to create three dimensional experience with a single click.

But what truly sets this mouse apart from the rest is the gold casing. It is designed by well-known Ukranian luxury makers called the Art Studio MJ.As an added advantage to its customer, it comes with a jewel micro flash drive and a diamond ring. It is priced at $24,180.

Light it up

For many years a lighter has remained the symbol of class, status and lifestyle for the aristocrat smoker. Zippo lighter manufacturers are one of the most celebrated style icons out there, and carrying a Zippo lighter definitely makes a fashion statement. 

Therefore it isn?t a surprise that the well-known lighter manufacturer would celebrate their 75th anniversary with a special edition release, which remains as the most expensive Zippo has ever sold. These Zippo lighters combine a flint-wheel ignition with a naptha-soaked wick. These butane lighters are wind resistant and reliable when it comes to resisting cold weather.  Zippo lighter from the original 1933 make was sold for $37,000 making them one of the costliest lighters in the world.

Diamonds for ears

iDiamond earbuds are presently the most expensive ones winning the competition hands down. From design perspective, iDiamonds have not achieved any remarkable benchmark, as it follows the old flat surfaced earbud pattern that was produced in their initial years. Nor is the sound quality of any exceptional level. So what makes this the most costly earbud in the world? Diamonds of course! 

These little machines are studded with 200 diamonds weighing over 1.65 carat, which is quite heavy for an earbud. And the extravaganza doesn?t end there. The earbud comes in a pure gold casing of 18 carats. 

Designed by Thomas Heyerdahl of the famous Norvegian line of jewellery, it comes with a price tag of $6400.

Bottoms up 

Joel Heffernan, the 23 year-old bartender, has made his name in the world of costly alcoholic beverages by making the Winston. 

Heffernan's makes the cocktail drink, which is named after Sir Winston Churchill, at Club 23 in Melbourne, Australia. This cocktail is mentioned in the Guinness Book of World Record as the most expensive cocktail.

The astronomical cost of this luxurious drink is owing to the 1858 Croizet Cognac that goes into it. The actual value of a bottle of this cognac is a jaw dropping $157,000 and one shot would easily set you back by $6,000.

Along with the cognac there are other fine ingredients that add to its value, such as a dash of Angostura Bitters, Chartreuse Vieillissement Exceptionnellement Prolonge, and Grand Marnier Quintessence. The drink can be garnished with a little coconut, rose essence, poppy seed essence or chocolate nutmeg dust. It is said that it takes almost two days of effort to produce one sample of this drink.

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