NSTPL to use Volicon’s Observer Monitoring Technology to support HITS platform

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By indiantelevision.com Team Posted on : 13 May 2014 03:37 pm

MUMBAI: Volicon today announced that NSTPL (Noida Software Technology Park Limited), part of India’s Jain TV Group, is using the Volicon Observer® Media Intelligence Platform™ digital video monitoring and logging system to enable efficient, effective compliance and quality of service (QoS) monitoring for over 200 channels being aggregated, processed, and uplinked via the company’s Headend-in-the-Sky (HITS) platform, JAINHITS. This platform, the first of its kind in India, offers cable operators across India a straightforward and cost-effective means of meeting the country’s mandatory shift from analog to addressable digital systems.

“JAINHITS makes it easy and affordable for cable operators to move to digital operations while complying with all legal, regulatory, and content requirements, and the Volicon Observer Media Intelligence Platform plays a critical role in assuring these requirements are met,” said Mr. Rakesh Gupta, Head, JAINHITS. “Using this reliable and highly scalable monitoring system, we can record all of the channels we provide and very easily review and confirm the quality and availability of that content — thus ensuring the highest quality of service to JAINHITS customers across India at all times.”

NSTPL, already an established provider of TV broadcasting, newsgathering, and video up-link services, launched JAINHITS in October 2012 to help cable operators meet the December 2014 digitization deadline set by the Indian Parliament. Through this platform, the company downlinks content from different broadcasters, processes the signals, and uplinks them via satellite for download by its customers and cable operators across India.

The Observer Media Intelligence Platform continuously captures and stores this content, enabling NSTPL to maintain a visual record of the content that has been processed and uplinked. Through an intuitive Web-based interface, the Volicon system also provides easy access both to live streams and recorded media. Monitoring staff and other users at the desktop can thus monitor the content going out to customers or go back days or months to find and provide proof that uplinked content met all appropriate regulations, standards, and quality parameters.

“As a flexible and intuitive solution for monitoring, recording, accessing, and reviewing audio and video, the Observer Media Intelligence Platform serves as a powerful tool for service providers such as NSTPL,” said Gary Learner, Chief Technology Officer at Volicon. “Equipped with the Observer Media Intelligence Platform, the company can assure that its innovative services meet compliance and QoS standards, thus giving cable operators an affordable and worry-free route for providing quality digital services.”

Information about Volicon and the company’s products is available at www.volicon.com.

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