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(Media Planning And Buying, Author - Arpita Menon, no of pages - 345, Published by - Tata McGraw Hill , Our Price: Rs 420 only * postage/'courier charges extra, Market price: Rs 525/ )

Published by McGraw Hill and titled Media Planning & Buying, Principles and Practices in the Indian context, the book is a must read for anyone with the slightest interest in this esoteric profession.

The book begins with a segment which introduces the environment, the roles
within a media agency, the structures of a media gency, and follows it up with a chapter on metrics relating to TV and print and others on media strategy, defining target groups, market prioritization, media weights, media mix decisions, scheduling, building a plan, evaluating media buys, the buying process, plan implementation, budget setting and the solutions approach.

Through this Arpita Menon covers the entire gamut of the media process, and that too with specific reference to the Indian context. She also offers practical advice like: “An approach of treating media partners as only suppliers and using the size of the client’s business as a bludgeon to beat down the rates is an extremely short sighted approach. …A good buyer should never approach a buy from a superior postion. A mature buyer ensures that the deal is done in a fashion which does not come at the cost of media partner’s interests- a classical win-win deal."

Something which all in Indian media know, but, something that very few media practitioners follow. Getting a better rate/10 second spot is primarily what drives buyers in India today, especially in tough times.

Menon has brought in all the knowledge and her years of practical experience while writing her book. Hence it is peppered with examples, samples, cases, problems and solutions related to what happens in the real media planning and buying world. So the book can serve as more than an academic learning tool for industry executives who want an insight into the media professional’s mind.

However, its greater good comes from the fact that it fills a long standing vacuum for a text book on media planning and buying relevant to India. Normally, students in the scores of media training institutes that have come up recently have to rely on the practical experience of industry professionals who double up partime teachers to learn about the media profession. Now students can use Menon’s tome as an additional reference resource.

The book was written in a time where there was one major GEC leader in Star Plus; Colors had just popped up on the media horizon. Since Colors has succeeded, the media environment has multiplied in its complexity and planning and buying in a teeming with competition market has become that much more challenging. Guess one will have to wait for the next edition for Menon to give her perspective on that. Definitely worth a buy.

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Read what Industry people have to say about "Media Planning and Buying"

“Arpita Menon’s book Media Planning and Buying fulfils a vital need for a practical guide that can help students and practitioners understand the fundamentals of the art and science of media planning in the exciting Indian market. Written by a veteran who has a rich and varied experience in the media industry, the book is easy to read and is full of information, examples and practical ‘how-to-do’ tips. It should be a compulsory reading for everyone who deals with media planning and buying. I strongly recommend this book to both students and practicing managers”.

M.G. Parameswaran
Executive Director and CEO, Draftfcb + Ulka

“The media industry has grown so rapidly in the last decade that many entrants into this industry (and many existing practitioners too) have neither the time nor the wherewithal to sharpen their skills.

Media professionals have busy schedules, and many do not realize that a conceptual understanding of the nuts and bolts of the media business is critical for them to exit and excel.

This book, from a sound thinker with amazing conceptual clarity coupled with years of hands-on experience in the media planning and buying of some of the best known brands and in handling demanding situations, is a godsend for all of us in the industry.

My advice to all is: ‘Sip and Dip’ this book as it will answer a lot of questions about media fundamentals which you were afraid to ask”.

Shashi Sinha
CEO India, Lodestar Universal Media


“Finally, a definitive textbook on Indian media with Indian case studies. For students of media as well media practitioners, this is certainly a bible whether for understanding the basic principles of Indian media planning and buying, refreshing concepts, or confirming hypotheses”.

Apurva Purohit
CEO, Radio City


“Arpita’s book is an in-depth practitioner’s perspective on the complex world of media planning and buying. Rich in detail, supported by illustrations and examples, the book brings forth her passion for the subject which, I’m sure, will infect the reader!

Her collaborative approach exemplifies the new paradigm in media. Debate and discussion are necessary to shift the transactional approach into a more value- based approach. The book classifies that we need to change gears to be able to drive meaningful growth in the industry if all the players have a shared value system, as outlined in her chapter on solutions.

I’ll sum up by borrowing a quote by Confucius from her book: ‘He who does not economize will have to agonize-a quote that resonates with me. However, I will not economize in my praise for the output she has delivered. In fact the greatest compliment I can pay her is that I wish I had written this book.”

Meenakshi Madhvani
Founder and Chairperson, Spatial Access Group


“Arpita’s book is the only specific, practical piece of writing on media buying and selling that I have come across in the recent past. It should become a standard textbook for any student planning to pursue planning or buying as a career.”

Vanita Kohli-Khandekar
Author of The Indian Media Business



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