Neela Tele Films are proud to be associated with Columbia Tristar International Television and Sony Entertainment Television for the successful adaptation of Columbia Tristar's internationally popular and successful comedy serial 'Bewitched' as 'Meri Biwi Wonderful' which launched on 19th September 2002. 'Meri Biwi Wonderful' is inspired from Columbia Tristar International Television's one of the world's most popular show "Bewitched". Bewitched was America's favourite family show for nearly eight years from 1964 to 1972.

Meri Biwi Wonderful is a young sitcom, it centers around a young, loving couple, the female half of which happens to be a PARI. Come to think of it, we all live in two different worlds, one real and the other imaginary or the world of dreams. None of us has a control over the real world but when it comes to dreams, no one is a miser. For a dream is a dream and bigger the fantasy, bigger is the dream, which has little logic and no boundaries. For all human beings fairies with magic wands exist only in dreams. But what happens when a perfectly normal man meets a fairy, falls in love and gets married? And moreover, what will happen if the enemy no. 1, the mother-in-law, is also a fairy? Surely life wouldn't be easy and simple but a combination of trouble, fun, hilarity, magic wands and so on. Now are you in your dream, thinking of a fairy as your wife? Please do so but first watch what happens to Raj who is married to Angela, a lovable fairy, in 'Meri Biwi Wonderful'.

Raj is a straight forward, honest and an emotional young man working in Mr. Malkani's ad agency. A perfectionist in his job as well as an eligible bachelor, one fine day Raj falls in love with a woman called Angela who looks amazingly beautiful and gets married to her, only to discover later that she is actually from another world! Angela has certain supernatural powers, which are like magical acts, which exist only in the dream world. Angela wanted to tell Raj about her true identity but Raj never gave her an opportunity. But when he comes to know Angela's true identity on their honeymoon night, it is too late. But then both of them love each other so much that that there is no question turning back now. Raj extracts a promise from Angela that she won't use her powers unless it is absolutely necessary. But the problem is that Angela's definition of absolutely necessary is quite different from that of Raj. Another major problem with both is Angela's mother Dolly, also a fairy. Dolly is not happy with the fact that Angela has broken the rules of her world and married a human being.

That becomes a major problem for both Raj and Angela as Dolly becomes another problem in their lives. She dislikes Raj so much that with her magical powers, she keeps creating problems for Raj to prove to Angela that her marriage to Raj is a big mistake. But Angela loves Raj so much that to save him from all the problems created by her mother she uses her magical powers which results in an ongoing war of magical powers!

In short, Meri Biwi Wonderful is a humorous story which is filled with fun, laughter, love, romance, magic and special effects where the thin line dividing the real world from the dream world gets blurred. Says Asit Modi, "Indian television has not seen a comedy like this before. Most comedies are either family shows, husband-wife comedies or satires. But 'Meri Biwi Wonderful' is the first comedy about a beautiful pair, a man and a fairy, with elements of magic, jugglery, gimmicks and special effects. It is a comedy which arises out of a clash between two worlds - real and fantasy - co-existing under one roof !!"


Adapted and produced by Asit Modi (Neela Tele Films)
Written by Raghuvir Shekhawat
Directed by Rajan Waghdhare, Director of Shreeman Shrimati, Yes Boss, Mrs. Madhuri Dixit, Kabhi Idhar Kabhi Udhar, Teri Bhi Chup Meri Bhi Chup, Hera Pheri (Partly), Gharwali Uparwali(Partly), Philips Top Ten and many more…
Tanaaz Currim as Angela
Dilip Joshi as Raj
Rashmi Sharma as Dolly
and Rakesh Bedi (in a special appearance) as Mr. Malkani.

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