About Us

Neela Telefilms is a successful production house primarily engaged in providing high quality television software for various television channels. Owned and managed by Mr. Asit Modi, Neela Telefilms is backed by highly experienced and talented professionals from the industry excelling in their area of work.

Backed by such talent, teamwork and dedication we at Neela Telefilms are well geared up to produce the very best entertainment. At Neela Telefilms care is taken at every stage of production right from basic concept level through scripting, casting, production to editing to ensure best quality software. Thus ensuring value for money.

Its various projects include Hum Sub Ek Hain, a hugely succesful and popular sitcom for Sony
Entertainment Television, Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen a Comedy Serial for Sony Entertainment Television and Meri Biwi Wonderful, which is an adaptation of Columbia Tristar's internationally popular comedy serial Bewitched. Meri Biwi Wonderful is currently airing succesfully on SONY Entertainment Television.

Hum Sub Ek Hain
, was a hilarious sitcom revolving around a joint family with a backdrop of national integration. It created history of sorts and ran successfully for 3 years from 1998 to 2001 for 156 episodes. It was Nominated for several awards, and Won the Best Comedy Serial award at the Aashirwad Awards and the Best Comedy Serial of the Millenium Award from Lions Club International.


Yeh Duniya Hai Rangeen,was a story of a society in which people from different communities and social stratas stay together. And the hilarious situations created because of their daily interactions. It had a succesful run of 43 episodes in 2000 - 2001.

Meri Biwi Wonderful,
is a classic comedy about a beautiful pair, a man and a fairy, with elements of magic, jugglery, gimmicks and special effects. It is a comedy which arises out of a clash between two worlds - real and fantasy-co-existing under one roof." It airs currently on SONY Entertainment Television every Thursday at 8 pm and every Friday at 10:30 pm.


Neela Telefilms future plans include a feature film based on an award winning novel by Dhruv Bhatt.