Five teenagers, inextricably intertwined by destiny, meet in this saga of relationships, in the backdrop of college life.

Sanjana, an adopted child, is out to assert herself as a woman of merit as well as to undo the wrongs meted by her mother's ex husband Jaimal Shergill (Anupam Bhattacharaya) and current beau Vikram Seth (Chetan Pandit). She has three siblings - Raj (Ujwal Rana), Sameer (Puneet Vashist) and Tanisha (Karishma Tanna). Destiny brings them together in the same college, all of them unaware of each other's true identity. Friendship as well as vengeance marks their relationships with each other.

Tanisha, Tich to friends, is the pampered daughter of Jaimal Shergill, who can't get along with Sanjana. Sameer, who runs a mutton shop backs Sanjana. Raj, adopted by business tycoon Prem Saluja, is a budding singer. Raj is attracted to Tich, but sides with right causes always.

Sanjana would like her mother to get married to Vikram Seth, but Vikram is already married with a rash son called Shashank who hates Sanjana as his father loves her mother. He joins up with Tich to humiliate her at every opportunity. Sanjana gets popular in college, winning accolades and friends. Tich is unaware that she is an adopted child , while the other three are awaiting the day when they meet their siblings.

When Tich realises she is an adopted child, she sets out to lead her own life. Sanjana now has to play guardian to her too. Sameer and Raj almost come together but fate wills otherwise. The mindset of today's youth is the scoring point for this saga. Some day the four will meet and live in harmony….Kahi To Milenge.